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We built our reputation as a leader in automation through our dedication to high-quality design and skillful engineering.

At Automation GT, we welcome inquiries from companies at all levels of automation experience. Some of our customers know exactly what they want in an automated system. Some only know how the end product should look, but have no experience in designing or purchasing automated systems. Because of our commitment to guide and educate our customers at ever step of production, we are able to help our customers realize the perfect design for their system, which our talented staff of engineers can then produce.

Today, Automation GT has integrated our dedication, work ethic, and detailed attention to quality throughout our wider organization and we employee engineers with the highest levels of skill and technical ability to maintain our core commitment to quality.

When designing an automated system, we have the unique ability to provide insight on all three core mechatronic disciplines: mechanical, electrical, and digital systems design. We employ specialist knowledge through a strictly controlled stage-gated process when addressing each of these disciplines in every design.

Machine Design Engineering and Manufacture


  • Detailed requirements analysis
  • System description and performance criteria
  • Control and electrical system identification and design
  • oftware design and engineering
  • Mechanical design, engineering inspection design, & engineering
A new customer application may require a proof-of-principle analysis, engineering study, or both:

A new customer application may require a proof-of-principle analysis, engineering study, or both:

After reviewing the customer requirements, we will conduct a proof-of-principle to evaluate a prototype design and facilitate one of the following outcomes:


  • The proof-of-principle demonstrates the task
  • The proof-of-principle demonstrates the task but not fully to the customers satisfaction; corrective actions identified
  • The proof-of-principle does not demonstrate the task


Engineering Study

  • Identify project deliverables, budget, and timeline
  • Obtain detailed application data
  • Calculations and analysis
  • Evaluate project and development concepts
  • Study report and final recommendations
Once the engineering study is complete, the machine is designed and manufactured according to the following process:

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