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Full Service Installation & System Integration

When you purchase a machine or system from Automation GT, you are also purchasing access to ongoing support from our staff and the technicians who build your machine. When your machine is ready for integration at your facility, our technicians will be there to oversee and assist with all aspects of installation, setup, and integration to assure that you are comfortable with your new machine and that you don’t feel like you’re on your own once your machine has been dropped off. We will never leave you with questions unanswered or problems unresolved, and when we bring you your machine, we will not leave until we are certain it is operating correctly.

Customer Training And Support, & Onsite Operator Training

Automation GT, offers comprehensive product training for all of our customers. From general machine operation to cleaning and maintenance, we will work with you to ensure that we have answered all of your questions and have thoroughly covered all subjects in operation and maintenance.

Automation GT ultimately helps prevent unnecessary machine downtime or unexpected costs due to lack of or improper training.

One-Year warranty

Automation GT stands proudly behind the engineering, quality, and workmanship that goes into every one of our machines. For that reason, all of our custom equipment, machines, and upgrades come with a standard one-year warranty. All warranties include dedicated remote diagnostics and support as well as onsite service and repair. Extended warranties are also available. Standard extended warranties include years two and three of the life of the machine. However, you can also opt to extend your warranty indefinitely with custom contract.

Custom Service Contracts, Inspection, & Testing

We are happy to work with you to design a custom service contract to ensure that your contract reflects your needs. Custom service contracts are great for any small projects or temporary engagements of service. Our contracts include inspection and testing. Our technicians will inspect and test your equipment before it leaves our facility, and again when it has been delivered to your facility to ensure that it is operating correctly at all stages of implementation. This will prevent unforeseen errors from occurring in your equipment after your technician has left.

Onsite Repairs And Service

To maximize up-time and operational efficiency, Automation GT has allocated an entire team of experienced engineers and technicians to troubleshoot and resolve potential issues in the field, as soon as possible.

Upgrades, Retrofits, Or Product Change Modifications

Through upgrades, retrofits, and modifications, we can offer you an alternative to purchasing a brand new machine, which will help to curtail your expenses. Automation GT provides upgrades and retrofits for all types of automation equipment (including those that we did not engineer) rather than replace your entire machine once you have reached the end of a product life cycle or once your machinery has aged significantly. Many of our customers are also now opting to replace or upgrade specific components to meet increased demands or changing product requirements as they occur.

We can also assist you in software configuration and upgrades as necessary. Because in most cases we built the machine and configured the software ourselves, we will be able to offer you the best future service for your software as we will be able to assure that any software changes or upgrades are made in accordance

Preventative Maintenance

We will send a technician to your location to regularly evaluate the status and maintain the health of your automated system. Preventative maintenance allows you to plan your expenditures and thereby identify potential issues before they occur, ultimately extending the life of your equipment.

Spare Parts

Automation GT will help you replace parts or get you spare parts regardless of the origin of your machine or the parts. We want your automated system to function optimally at all times and so we will work with you to locate, repair, or build any spare part that you might need.

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