Automated printing systems provide an easy and efficient way to mark parts in your manufacturing process.

In today’s global manufacturing arena, proper part identification is critical. Not only does identification improve manufacturing efficiency, but it also provides critical traceability which is vital in many industries including aerospace, biotechnology, and the life sciences, industries where quality and safety or an absolute priority.

At Automation GT, we have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and integrating printing systems in cases where clients need to apply ink marks to components. We can design systems with either inkjet printers or pad printing to print on static or moving products.

In cases where clients would like to integrate printing into a larger system, dynamic applications such as a moving conveyor lines can be made to work in conjunction with Automation GT printing systems with either electrical or mechanical synchronization. Our automated solutions come with options in integrated ink-curing equipment such as UV light tunnels that can be used with ultraviolet curing ink, which reduce the potentially toxic emissions from standard heat set inks. This is ideal for printing on liquor cartons, cosmetic packaging, metal decoration, screens, and flexible relief plates.

We can offer either stand-alone systems, or we can integrate an automated printing process into a larger, more complex system to handle all or many parts of your manufacturing process with fewer machines. In addition, your printing system can have individualized controls, or can be controlled through your larger network.



Automated printing systems from Automation GT can offer:

  • Inkjet or pad printing
  • Heat set or UV curing inks
  • Custom machine design and manufacture
  • Options in independent or integrated design and function

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