At Automation GT, we can develop machinery designed to automate the process of in-feed and out-feed in your manufacturing process

Automation GT can design, manufacture, and integrate a wide range of custom centrifugal, stepper, carpet, and vibratory feeders including bowls, inline tracks, gravity tracks, photocell shut-offs for the bowls, and bulk storage hoppers for feeding into the bowls.

A complete feeding system will feed, singulate, and transfer one component at a time through your automated system. Though it may not seem intuitive to many manufacturers to automate this step of the process, in fact automated feeder systems can lead to significant savings of time and money, and as a result, the idea of automating feeder systems should not be overlooked by those manufacturers interested in automating their systems for greatest efficiency and cost savings.

We have manufactured many custom feeder systems in the past including feeding systems for manufacturers of molded parts, electrical contacts, diagnostic membranes, pallets, and Tyvek sheets. We can make feeders that are either gravity-fed or utilize electrical/magnet drives to ensure consistent feed characteristics with minimal vibration. We are capable of engineering machinery with high feed speeds of up to 3,000 parts per minute.

Our machine designs can incorporate both electro-mechanical and pneumatic systems driven by factory-level automated PLC systems. For example, we can configure multi-axis controls with advanced servo-control systems networked to high-level PLC control using SCADA industrial control systems when required.

Our feeder systems can act as stand-alone machines, or can be incorporated into a larger machine or automated system. All of our feeder machines use item-compatible aluminum for less rigid structures and welded steel frames for more rigid structures.


Our custom feeder systems offer:

  • Bowl, linear, centrifugal, stepper, carpet, or vibratory feeds
  • Speeds of up to 3,000 parts per minute
  • Orientation and sorting of parts of difficult size and shape
  • Rapid changeover
  • Cost effectiveness

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