The category of process systems covers a wide range of automated machinery, and is appropriate for many of our customers at Automation GT.

When your engineer refers to the design of a process system, they are essentially talking about the automation of your entire process, whatever that may refer to in your specific case. For example, if you manufacture a piece of dental equipment that requires multiple steps of assembly, polishing, labeling, sorting, and so on, this would be your process, and a process system would be the automated system behind it.

Companies will oftentimes choose a process system for financial reasons, to improve efficiency, or in the interest of decreasing opportunities for accidents and injury in the manufacturing or assembly process. And when choosing an automated process system, you can choose to automate as much or as little of the process as you want.

At Automation GT, we have extensive experience in the design and construction of process systems with varying degrees of automation. In the past, we have developed process systems for cutters, shredders, fluid handling, presses, micro-etching, stacking, sorting, palletizing, dispensing, UV-curing, brushing, and counting, among other tasks.

We can design our machines to meet an extensive range of operating environments, from clean-room conditions to environments with caustic chemicals. Where required, 316 stainless steel and IP66/67 protection can be provided to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production or wash-down environments.

We are knowledgeable on all common automation platforms, and with no allegiance to any one manufacturer, we can design the machine around the control and automation platform that best suits your needs. In all cases, we provide full end-to-end project management and support.


Process systems and machines from Automation GT give you:

  • Solutions for cutters, shredders, presses, micro-etching, dispensing, stacking, palletizing, fluid-handling, UV-curing, brushing, sorting, and counting, among other tasks
  • Appropriate solutions for all types of operating environments
  • Wide choices of automation platforms
  • Full end-to-end project life cycle support and management

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