Automation GT has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

There is a huge amount of global investment in the pharmaceutical industry, and in 2009, research and investment in the industry reached a record-setting high of $65 billion.

However, because of the extensive length of time required for a compound to reach the shelves, it will often take years for investments to be realized. When only one out of every ten thousand compounds actually reaches the market, downstream production of drugs must be exceptionally efficient, traceable, and reliable, and must operate within the regulatory frameworks of the FDA as well as other organizations.

Automation GT has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and integration of machines for the production of pharmaceutical products. We offer a broad range of products and solutions to support you throughout your entire product life cycle, from initial laboratory discovery through to testing, quality control (QC), manufacture, and packaging.

In particular, our end-to-end capability of designmanufacture and integration provide an optimum time-to-market for our pharmaceutical customers, a key commercial benefit given a typical project investment. In particular, our system and software documentation packages are designed to minimize the regulatory process and thus, minimize cost.

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