Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


The renewable energy industry continues to gain momentum as advancements in technology and new research on renewable materials opens up new possibilities in energy production.

With a global investment of $257 billion in 2011, second-generation renewable energies such as solar heating, photovoltaic and wind power continue to gain popularity as a choice for many companies and individuals, and this has lead to an increased demand for renewable energy and resources.

In particular, solar and photovoltaic power represent large portions of the renewable energy market. Solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic systems are generally manufactured using screen-printed poly-crystalline or single-crystalline silicone solar panels. Both require precise handling with high levels of cleanliness and quality control.

Automation GT has experience in automating production steps for many aspects of solar manufacturing including the manufacture of stringers, laminators, and electrical welding.

We can design and produce precise parts down to ±0.0002” dimensional tolerance and automated handling down to ±0.0001” positioning accuracy. Automation GT has many years experience in most processes of assembly and inspection integration, especially in non-contact inspections using vision systems and optical micrometers.

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