• Many of our clients come from the medical device industry, and for those clients, some of our greatest success has been in the development of systems for the production of catheters.

Automation GT manufactures a standardized machine that bonds various catheter materials using a laser. It is a true turnkey plug-and-play laser bonding and welding system.The Catheter Laser Bonder design is patented and is proprietary technology of Automation GT, and is available to our clients in the medical device industry.

Our Catheter Laser Bonder provides advantages over traditional bonding methods including adhesive, hot air, and RF due to its superior performance through precise and consistent laser bonding and welding.

For safety reasons, the process machinery is enclosed in a large container. However, the removal and loading of catheters requires no tools, which makes it possible to alternate catheter size or other aspects of a particular production cycle in less than one minute.

The Catheter Laser Bonder is designed for the following laser bonding and welding applications:

  • Catheter proximal and distal balloon bonding
  • Catheter shaft bonding
  • Catheter soft tip attachment
  • Butt joint
  • Shaft bond to hypo tube bonding


Catheter Laser Bonding Systems feature:

  • Automatic sample clamping
  • Variety of collet inserts to accommodate sample size from 1French to 20French
  • No programming language involved and no programming experience required
  • Four types of programs (manual, statistic, dynamic, multi-steps combining static)
  • Multi-step programs to allow segmented bonding and surface smoothing.
  • Color and larger LCD monitor with cross-hair to better indicate laser bonding location
  • Store 10 programs, each type
  • Universal voltage (110V/15A/60Hz or 220V/15A/50Hz)

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