Assembly processes were among the first processes to be automated in the early days of factory automation, and since that time many sophisticated automation options have developed in assembly.

Automation of manual assembly procedures can improve product quality, reduce cost, and allow employee redeployment to more fulfilling and less repetitive tasks. At Automation GT, we offer services in designing, manufacturing, and integrating assembly solutions in a wide variety of industries. Our portfolio includes the creation of assembly systems for catheters, nebulizers, lenses, dental parts, surgical tools, implants, sensors, and connectors, among other products.

Our machine solutions are built-to-order to meet the precise requirements of your particular product and process flow. We can incorporate conveyor or palletizing interface for the handling and storage of parts, as well as in-process inspection, robotics components, or anything else that might make your assembly system more efficient and also easily adaptable to changes in your system or product.

We will always present you with the options that make most sense for your specific assembly process. For example, if you anticipate that a part of your product may at some point change in size or shape, we may encourage you to select a robotic arm in your system a robots can be easily and inexpensively be adapted to handle parts of different sizes. However, if you do not foresee such a change, we might encourage you to skip the robotic component as a means of saving money. Whatever makes sense for your assembly process is what we will recommend.

Whether your system will be stand-alone or integrated into a wider machine network, we have the mechatronic and software knowledge to provide you with a complete solution. When speed is a priority, we can provide state-of-the-art servo controlled axes networked to PLC control and where required, we can extend this into the level SCADA systems. We have built machines from item-compatible aluminum frames, welded steel structures, and as compact tabletop designs.


Our automated assembly machines have:

  • Built-to-order design based on your specifications
  • A wide variety of industry applications
  • Options in indexing and palletizing systems
  • Options in-feed & out-feed conveyor systems
  • Options in servo driven axes
  • PC control capabilities for easy user interface

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