Retrofit Integration

Retrofit Integration

Retrofit Integration

For most manufacturers, automation is a long-term investment. This means that you will likely need options in retrofitting down the line.

Automation GT has extensive experience in providing retrofit upgrades to installed systems within a wide variety of industries. We will provide retrofits, systems upgrades, and parts replacements on all types of automation machinery, even if we did not build the original machine, or the part that needs to be retrofitted did not come from Automation GT or is no longer in production.

The installation of an automated system can represent a significant long-term investment for any company. For this reason, manufacturers should always consider the long-term life plan of their machinery. Product line extensions or performance improvements can often be implemented through bolt-on machine extensions and/or retrofit upgrades, thereby extending the life of a machine or system.

Machines might be retrofitted for a variety of reasons: component handling equipment replacement, re-tooling of a machine for a new product, addition of a new station in the cycle, process or part loading, or upgrade of the control system hardware and software. In addition, a manufacturer might want a machine retrofitted in some way that will make it safer, more robust, or more user friendly.

Choosing to retrofit your machine with Automation GT provides you with:

  • The freedom to extend your machine life cycle for a much longer time period than would otherwise be possible.
  • The ability to adjust the capabilities of your system or machine as your process changes or as manufacturing requirements change.
  • An opportunity to save money: rather than replace your whole machine or system as your needs change, you can just update it and adjust it.


Automation GT has a robust portfolio in the retrofit integration and has completed retrofitting jobs for capping machines, heated table top presses, electronic testers, implant handlers, lathe loaders, printer systems, clip installation systems, coating systems, connector assembly machines, bottle filling machines, and part inspection systems.

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