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Broadly defined, Automation GT’s product is the careful and thoughtful design and manufacture of custom automation machinery including vision, inspection, assembly, testing, manufacturing, and robotics components.

Automation GT designs, manufactures, and integrates machines for applications that are mission-critical and that require exceptional precision and reliability.  We produce machines that are appropriate for application in a range of industries, with most of our experience in working with clients from the biotech, life science, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. However, if your company requires any type of processing, manufacturing, testing, inspection, or assembly, chances are good that your efficiency can be improved upon and your budget lowered by using automated systems, and we welcome inquiries from all such clients.

We are specialists in producing assembly, test and inspection machines, and built-to-order process-oriented machines. We also have experience in the development of non-contact inspection machines that utilize state-of-the-art vision systems and optical micrometers. Many of the industries we have worked with require high-quality precision design. For example, in industries like pharmaceuticals in which the ultimate product will be consumed by people, there is no room for error or clumsiness at any step of production or design. With an ability to manage parts down to ±0.0002” dimensional tolerance, ±0.0001” positioning accuracy, and ±0.00002” resolution, Automation GT can guarantee you precision and quality in every step of your automation process.

If you choose to develop your automation solution with us, you will benefit from our experience in developing products that fall into one or more of the following categories. These types of automation solutions might generally be considered our products:

Our automation solutions result in tangible returns on investment for our customers. Since our founding in 2002, we have been able to build a name for ourselves as a respected automation firm with a long history of satisfied customers, many of which fall into the Fortune 500 list. Many of our customers also depend on our reliability in providing comprehensive documentation and exceptional customer service throughout the life cycle of their machinery.

Specialities and Expertise

  • Design, manufacture, and integration of automated machines
  • Swiss design principles for US machine manufacturing
  • Assembly, test, inspection, and process-control machinery design and development
  • Expertise in non-contact inspection
  • Comprehensive after-sales support