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Automation GT manufactures precise and efficient robots for specific implementation in the aerospace and defense sectors.

The American aerospace and defense sectors contain such important organizations as NASA and Boeing. When these companies manufacture machinery, they require precision and extreme care at every stage of design and production. After all, many of the machines they produce and use transport and protect people.

Aerospace and defense products typically require expensive materials that operate within highly demanding operating conditions. Products are expected to meet the rigorous safety demands associated with the industry, and should be sturdy enough to function without deterioration of performance for a long period of time.

From initial design, testing, and inspection to manufacture, machine automation plays a vital role in the development of parts destined for aerospace and defense purposes. Automation GT has extensive experience in producing machines in accordance with the exacting requirements of these industries.

Of particular note, Automation GT has expertise in the precision parts design and assembly down to ±0.0002” dimensional tolerance and precision automated handling down to ±0.0001” positioning accuracy. In addition, Automation GT has many years of experience in most assembly and inspection process integration, especially in non-contact inspections that utilize vision systems and optical micrometers.

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