Assembly Systems INDEXING DIALS

Indexing dials are an excellent choice in machines that need to process many parts very quickly and with several steps of production for each part.

In our company history, Automation GT has produced many machines that incorporate indexing dials as a central component of the assembly process. Mechanical indexing is a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for indexing products to a configurable motion cycle. Machines with indexing dials can deliver a wide range of output torques, which allows for a huge variety of applications.

In practical terms, this means that if you are looking for an automated machine for assembly, and your assembly process requires multiple assembly steps for a certain part, an indexing dial will allow you to integrate many assembly steps into a single piece of machinery, thereby saving you time, energy, and money. For example, machines that assemble optical lenses, dental parts, surgical tools, syringes, security cards, and aerospace fasteners are all examples of machines that would likely use indexing dials.

If you come to us in search of a custom assembly machine, we will work with you to determine whether or not an indexing dial will be the right choice for you, and if so, what its capabilities should be. You can choose from several options in power and control including basic AC motor technology, or advanced servo control systems linked to factory-level automated PLC systems. We can design, manufacture and integrate the entirety of your assembly machine, and where required, provide in-feed and out-feed capability to allow easier integration of your new machine with either a new or existing production line or full process system.



  • Built-to-order design
  • A wide variety of applications in many industries
  • A wide range of mechanical indexing solutions
  • In-feed & out-feed conveyor systems where required

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