Inspection is a very important step in the manufacturing process, and automation of inspection processes can contribute to far less waste of time, money, and resources.

Though perhaps not as commonly automated as assembly processes, inspection processes are among the most frequently automated processes in manufacturing, and there is good reason for that. At Automation GT, we work with many companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, life science, defense, and aerospace industries. The products developed by these companies will be applied in a variety of settings including the production of medicine, food, surgical equipment, and airplanes.

In each of these industries, the consequences of poor inspection could have very serious and very real costs for the public. That is why companies should take measures to ensure that they are performing the best inspection possible, and an automated inspection process is an excellent way for manufacturers to improve the performance of their inspection process

At Automation GT, we have produced inspection components and inspection machines for manufacturers of nebulizers, dental parts, molds, implants, fasteners, among other products. Our inspection systems utilize high-resolution optical micrometers with sub-micron resolution. Our machines are capable of performing inspections of many elements of different products including diameters, run-out, concentricity, shoulders, edges, angles, radiuses, flats, and full threads.


We can produce inspection machines to act as stand-alone systems, or we can build machines meant to be incorporated into larger systems. Inspection machines may include robotics components, vision components, or other inspection options.

Automation of part inspection provides:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Improvements in quality

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