The testing of electrical systems is an important step in the production of automated machinery, and automating this process is an excellent way to save time and money.

Electrical testing helps to guarantee the electrical integrity and electrical functionality of a product or system. As regulatory laws tighten across many industries, high-quality electrical testing should be a priority for any manufacturer. Automating the electrical testing process is a great way to meet this requirement.

As with any automated process, automating electrical testing will improve repeatability and consistency in your system and will ultimately reduce the need for adjustments, corrections, and repairs as you will be more likely to identify electrical issues right away.

Automation GT has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom machines that provide state-driven outputs for in-process or post-process electrical testing. Using visual ‘go / no-go’ indicators, we can design user-friendly machines that will provide a quick return on investment.

We can provide a variety of integrated testers, including Flash/HiPot/Dielectric, Earth/Ground-Bond, Insulation, Leakage, Power Consumption, Power-Factor, and Load testing, all of which can be configured for specific electrical tests. When required, we can also provide integrated software packages for data analysis and export.

Automation GT can provide either stand-alone tabletop test systems that are simple bolt-on extensions for your existing line, or we can incorporate a machine into a larger system to provide full automation of the infeed and outfeed of production. For a high-volume in-process test system, our machines can incorporate multi-axis controls that can be configured using advanced servo-control systems networked to high-level PLC control with SCADA industrial control systems.


Electrical testing systems from Automation GT provide:

  • Automation of key electrical safety tests
  • Improvements in efficiency
  • Visual ‘go/no-go’ indicators

Our machines can incorporate:

  • Flash / HiPot / Dielectric
  • Earth / Ground – Bond
  • Insulation Earth Leakage
  • Power Consumption / Power Factor
  • Load testing

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