Manufacturing Assembly



After designing your custom system, Automation GT can manufacture and assembly any type of automated machine or system.

The Automation GT team has experience in the manufacture and assembly of a broad range of automation solutions. Whether you need a custom product, a retrofit, a build-to-order product, or a reverse engineered system, the final machine will exceed expectations in both quality and functionality.

We can provide a range of mechanical functionality including CNC machining, laser cutting, turning, milling, grinding, cutting, and bending. With an established supply chain, we can provide standard engineering materials through to more exotic materials like titanium and advanced-engineered polymers.

In addition, we can provide pre- and post-finishing of materials including vacuum hardening, annealing, and coating to provide a custom options in finishing and hardening.

Our engineering team has experience with all key automation and motion control platforms and can provide a full turnkey installation.


In partnership with our engineering team, our factory-trained technicians assemble each machine by hand. The assembly is documented according to the requirements set out in the factory acceptance control document.

Build to Print

Automation GT applies the same internal discipline to our contract manufacturing customers’ designs as we do to our own designs. Read more on our build to print services.

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