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Documentation and Compliance

At Automation GT, all of our machines are in full compliance with relevant requirements, and are shipped with complete documentation.

Many of our customers are involved in the biotechnology, medical, life science, and pharmaceutical industries. In these, as well as in many other industries, standards of quality and safety are extremely important.

All of our machines are shipped with complete standard documentation to ensure that you are able to find all information and paperwork you may need to solve any technical problems or service issues that may occur.


Automation GT provides detailed documentation for all custom systems, and the documentation package is sufficient to meet all client compliance needs. All customers receive a duplicate printed copy of the documentation as well as an electronic DVD copy. Additional digital copies are available through the customer service portal.

The documentation pack typically includes the following:

  • Project specifications
  • Operating manual with troubleshooting guide
  • Mechanical engineering documentation (including drawings, detail BOM, and vendor part list)
  • Software development plan, software configuration management plan, software requirement specifications, software design document, and software dunctional test
  • Acceptance forms for mechanical design review, electrical design review, and mechanical release to fabrication review
  • Recommended spare parts list with vendor part number
  • OEM manuals