Robots are integral to the automation industry, and the use of robotics can greatly simplify many steps in a manufacturing process.

Many times in the design and construction of a piece of automated machinery, it will become apparent to an engineer that it is appropriate to add a robotic component to a machine or group of machines. If an engineer has seen several flags that indicate that, rather than manufacture a part or system from scratch, it will be cheaper and more efficient to purchase a task-specific robot, he or she will recommend the inclusion of a robot in your design.

There are three elements that factor into an engineer’s decision when evaluating whether your machine needs a robot: the mechanical functionality of your machine, the software functionality, and the expected lifespan of your system. In short, this means that if the mechanical operations of your machine will be significantly simplified by the inclusion of a robot (for example, if in your system you will require a part rotation), an engineer will recommend a robot. Similarly, if your software needs would be simplified by the inclusion of a robot (maybe you want to incorporate a vision system, in which case a robot inspection unit is a logical addition) an engineer will recommend it. Finally, robots are valuable, practical, and easily-reusable units, and based on your vision for your machine, it may make sense to include a robot as it will simplify the process of making changes and adjustments later on in the life of the machine. For further information, check out our page on when to choose a robot for an automated system.

In some cases, clients come to us with a particular request for a robot in their machine. Other times, clients have no notion of when a robot might or might not be a good idea, and still other times, a client may want to include a robot in a custom or existing system, but not realize that Automation GT is fully licensed to handle, install, test, repair, and maintain robotic parts.

In fact, in virtually all cases, it is better to purchase and integrate your robotic component through Automation GT, rather than through a firm that only works with robotic parts as it makes sense to continue to work with the manufacturer who knows and understands your system, rather than switch to a robotics provider with no prior knowledge of your setup.

In fact, Automation GT is an official integrator for the leading robot manufacturers. This means that we have been recognized for our ability to integrate robotics components from these companies. However, we pledge never to select a particular distributor simply because they have endorsed us. Rather, we will always choose the robotic component that best suits your machine and your individual needs.


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