Laser Marking Systems

Laser marking is a necessary step for many manufacturers, and adding this process directly into the automation system will ultimately save you both time and money.

Permanent part-identification is mandatory in the manufacture of many products. Whether for decorative purposes, component traceability, or any other case that might call for permanent marking, laser marking is a cost-effective and minimally abrasive solution.

In laser marking, highly concentrated energy from a parallel beam of light is focused on a single spot, and when directed over an area, can create a variety of images on a wide range of materials.

Automation GT has built and integrated laser marking systems for machines with applications in many industries. We can integrate a range of fiber, CO2, and UV-based laser technology that can mark many materials including most metals, plastics, glass, wood, and ceramics.

We have integrated laser marking solutions into machines designed primarily for part loading, processing, and unloading, as well as for vision inspection machines, or in machines that incorporate vision inspection. In these cases, rather than manufacture a stand-alone laser marking machine, our customers benefit from servo-controlled axes with their laser marking system for fast overall cycle time. We can meet a range of safety regulations and industry standards, and we can adjust our machine design to involve as much or as little automation as appropriate.


Automated laser marking systems from Automation GT offer:

  • Options in fiber, CO2, and UV-based systems
  • Short processing times
  • Machine designs that incorporate loading, processing, inspection, and/or unloading
  • Made in accordance with all safety and standards regulations

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