Biotechnology is a sophisticated science that requires suitably sophisticated automation machinery.

The advancements made in biotechnology have applications in many American industries including food production and health care. Biotechnology has the power to change and save lives, and for that reason, there is no room for error or clumsiness in the manufacture of its automated machinery.

Biotech has quickly transformed the medical landscape and many companies now require advanced automation for a variety of purposes including the production of biotech equipment and for various testing processes at the development and research stages.

Here in San Diego, biotech companies represent a major part of our economy, and so at Automation GT we are very aware of the importance of developments in this field, and we are likewise aware of the thorough safety and quality expectations placed on all involved automation machinery. Automation GT has worked to be at the forefront of innovation in the design of machines involved in the production of biotech products destined for commercial and academic use.

Automation GT has extensive knowledge in the design, manufacture, and integration of machines for the production of biotechnology products. We offer a broad range of products and solutions throughout the entire product life cycle, from initial laboratory discovery through testing, quality control (QC), manufacture, and packaging

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