Inspection systems are an important component of the manufacturing equation, and vision elements are a great way to improve automated inspection processes.

For many manufacturers, inspection is a major step in the production process, and one that likely requires lots of manpower and time. And for those manufacturers considering automation, incorporating the inspection process, or even only automating the inspection process, can result in significant savings. Further, automated vision inspection systems allow for higher quality control levels, while also cutting down on the time required to inspect a large batch of merchandise.

Automation GT can design, manufacture, and integrate inspection machines that utilize vision systems in a variety of ways and with many choices in machinery. As with all of our product components, we are not tied to specific manufacturers and therefore we can make an objective choice when selecting the vision system that will best suit your needs.

Automation GT‘s inspection machinery is meant to automate all inspection steps in your process, and vision is a great way to facilitate this. With the inclusion of even a very simple camera, an automated inspection system will become much more likely to catch mistakes or errors as they occur. And in the event that you choose to add a robotic element to your machine, vision cameras combined with robotic arms can react instantly to correct problems as they occur.

In the past, we have built vision inspection systems for manufacturers producing very small parts, extruded parts, security cards, and fasteners. Many of the systems we have designed were meant for dimensional inspections, including inspections of fastener thread and surface inspections. We can develop vision inspection machines with multi-axis control using advanced servo-control systems networked to high level PLC control with SCADA industrial control systems when required.


We can build machines in all sizes, and as stand-alone systems or as machines to be incorporated into larger systems. We use either item-compatible aluminum or for more rigid structures, welded steel frames.

Vision inspection systems from Automation GT provide:

  • Consistent reliability
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Many options in vision components
  • Options in stand-alone or bolt-on machines

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