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Software Development and Integration

At Automation GT, most of our machines require some level of software integration. We consider successful software integration a high priority for our systems’ successes.

Automation GT provides software development, programmable logic controller (PLC) configuration, embedded system design, calibration, and troubleshooting for all of our machines. For some automation providers, successful software integration into the machine, and then into your system can represent an engineering challenge. For this reason, we perform thorough tests on our software operations at every stage of implementation.

In addition, all of our products are shipped with complete documentation as required to ensure immediate and ongoing performance and compliance with your machine. This way, you will have all important paperwork that is relevant to the mechanical, electrical, and software functioning of your system, which will allow you to ensure that you are meeting all standards and safety protocols in your industry, and will allow you to better understand proper functionality and problems as they may arise.

Software Documentation

We offer thorough documentation on all of our machines and systems as an included part of your purchase. This includes documentation for all or any software components. All documentation packages include:

  • Software Development Plan (SDP)
  • Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP)
  • Software Requirement Specifications (SRS)
  • Software Design Document (SDD)
  • Software Functional Test (SFT)

After software design and installation, we perform validation and testing. Automation GT runs rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) in our facility before delivering the machine to our customers. This means that before the machine even arrives at your facility, it has already passed through a rigorous set of standards testing which helps us ensure the success of the machine once integrated into your system, and helps you feel confident in the performance of your machine within a tight set of standards.

We then work with the customers to conduct Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) until the machine is successfully in production. Many times, there are factors about a customer’s facility that we cannot anticipate. Performing SAT allows us to address any unforeseen performance issues before full integration is done.  We then see through the processes of Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) testing to complete the thorough inspection process before turning over operations to you.