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Automation GT designs and manufactures custom machines for clients in need of reliable, efficient, and precise automated systems. Whether you have utilized automation machinery in your manufacturing processes for years or you are new to the concept of automation, we guarantee to help you at every stage of design and manufacture to ensure that you get the machine that will best meet your needs.

Since our founding in 2002, we have developed a reputation for design perfection and innovative practice, and in every facet of our business practice we live out our values of consistency, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

Our core competencies are in innovative automation and robotics design. In our company history, we have established ourselves as experienced manufacturers of machines used in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device production, aerospace and defense, automotive manufacturing and renewable energy. We are highly knowledgeable on production standards and requirements in each of these fields, but we do not limit ourselves to these industries, and we welcome your inquiries on machinery for other purposes.

We take pride in staying involved in our community and local Southern California automation industry, but we are global in scope and welcome new partnerships from clients all over the world.

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September 2014

Part 4: How do global politics and other factors affect the environmental situation of manufacturing? (Article Series)

We tend to view personal and societal increases in wealth as unequivocally good, but in order to understand how we are exceeding our carrying capacity, we must be willing to examine the consequences of our views on the personal attainment of wealth, and to change our cultural priorities.
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August 2014

Part 3: Is automation a better environmental option than the alternative? Can we keep people at work while also saving the environment? (Article Series)

Because automation depends on the innovative minds of scientists and engineers, it is very likely that as the conversation continues on climate change, that many engineers and scientists will go out of the way to ensure that their machines are efficient and that they can be easily powered through alternative energy sources.
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