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Automation GT designs and manufactures custom machines for clients in need of reliable, efficient, and precise automated systems. Whether you have utilized automation machinery in your manufacturing processes for years or you are new to the concept of automation, we guarantee to help you at every stage of design and manufacture to ensure that you get the machine that will best meet your needs.

Since our founding in 2002, we have developed a reputation for design perfection and innovative practice, and in every facet of our business practice we live out our values of consistency, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

Our core competencies are in innovative automation and robotics design. In our company history, we have established ourselves as experienced manufacturers of machines used in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device production, aerospace and defense, automotive manufacturing and renewable energy. We are highly knowledgeable on production standards and requirements in each of these fields, but we do not limit ourselves to these industries, and we welcome your inquiries on machinery for other purposes.

We take pride in staying involved in our community and local Southern California automation industry, but we are global in scope and welcome new partnerships from clients all over the world.

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October 2014

The Unprecedented Ways Automation is Changing Life

Last week, NPR reported on Nicholas Carr's recently released book, The Glass Cage. Carr is known as an author with pronounced concerns about the increasingly large role played by technology in our lives, and in his most recent book, Carr takes a look at the growing list of tasks that we can automate.
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John Lewis

October 2014

The Politics of Funding Space Exploration

When a program depends on the federal government for funding, it is not enough, unfortunately, that a program may seem to be in our natural human interest or of any kind of moral imperative. For politicians who are asked to evaluate both practical and lofty matters with equal regard, it is very important that these kinds of programs also offer politicians some realizable goals with direct human and economic benefits for the American people.
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