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Recent Job Postings:

Engineering Manager

Senior Automation Design Engineer

Automation Software Engineer

Automation Controls Engineer

Project Coordinator

Mechanical/Customer Service Technician

Electrical Technician

Account Manager (Rocky Mountains)

Account Manager (Pacific Northwest)

Business Generalist


Working at Automation GT:

Automation GT was founded in 2002 as a company focused on the design and construction of custom automated machinery. Since that time, we have developed ourselves as a brand with global significance and reach.

We have built our reputation as a provider of quality automation machinery through our careful attention to detail, high standards, and our commitment to work carefully with our customers to ensure that the machinery they receive is ideal for their needs.

We employ professionals with a range of skills and qualifications, which allows us to approach every aspect of machine design, engineering, customer service, marketing, and sales on an in-house basis. We have done extensive work in the design and manufacture of automation machinery for the biotechnology, life science, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, defense, automotive, and renewable energy industries. However, we do not limit ourselves to any particular industry or industries, and we welcome inquiries on new projects from companies all over the world.

Our Company Values:

At Automation GT, we pride ourselves on our strong company culture. We prioritize the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our employees and customers above all else.

We take pride in our ability to offer our employees an excellent work environment with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional advancement. We offer competitive salaries with excellent benefits, but we expect that in return, our employees will come in everyday with a positive attitude and a willingness to do their best work.

At Automation GT, we are methodical about all that we do. We choose to use the scientific method as we approach problems, and make decisions based on data and evidence. This allows us to demonstrate consistency in quality, safety, and control in all of our operations.

We go above and beyond the call of duty in all that we do, and we approach everyone we encounter with respect, manners, and ethicality. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and we demonstrate a customer service mentality in all that we do. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment of growth and fulfillment for our employees, and we encourage all of our employees to seek out opportunities for personal and professional development. And finally, we encourage our employees to have fun! We want to foster a professional community in which everyone enjoys what they do!

Benefits at Automation GT:

We offer staff members a superior benefits package which includes coverage for qualified dependents for our medical, dental and vision plans.  After meeting certain eligibility requirements full time Automation GT employees will be offered the following benefits (there may be additional terms, conditions, and limitations that apply.  Please refer to the actual policy or insurance contract for additional information):

  • Medical (PPO and HMO)
  • Prescription Drug (PPO and HMO)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Disability
  • Personal Accident and Cancer Indemnity Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Holiday Pay
  • Warehouse Club Membership
  • Gym Membership

Note: The foregoing is a general description of Automation GT benefits, and are subject to change or end at any time.  Benefits may vary according to location.  To the extent any statements above are inconsistent with the controlling plan or program documents, the terms of the applicable plan or program document overrule terms stated here.