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Automation GT has established itself as one of the leading automation manufacturers in Southern California.

Established in 2002, the business has grown successfully year after year with hundreds of machine installations around the world in operation today.

The business was founded on the belief that Swiss-design principles would be highly beneficial to American machine manufacturing. We have built a strong customer base and are constantly attracting new customers in part due to our terrific reputation for our highly precise customer machinery manufacturing capability, after-sales care, FDA-standard documentation, and customer support that allows users to quickly commission, operate, and maintain our machines efficiently and at minimum cost. After first sale, many customers come back to us for their further automation needs, and with so many good reviews from these customers, we have been able to build an excellent reputation among many Fortune 500 companies.

We pride ourselves on our abilities to thoroughly understand what a customer is looking for in automation, to help them understand all of their options, and to then come up with the most creative and affordable options to meet their needs.

We surpass our competition in the diversity of options we can offer our customers. With engineers on our staff trained in robotics, electrical engineering, software integration, vision integration, and many other fields and subjects, we are able to build and support machines with complex capabilities and functionality.