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August 2014

Our Upcoming Article Series

Starting on Monday, we will be releasing the first part in our latest article series.

We received lots of great feedback on our last article series on the implications of automation and robotics for the future job market and the culture of employment. We think it is very important for professionals to be engaged in the important conversations in their trade, and in the same spirit, we decided to look again at a subject that might stir some controversy within our own industry.

In our article series debuting on Monday, we took a look at the role played by manufacturing and automation in climate change and other environmental issues. At Automation GT, we are very committed to doing our part in slowing climate change, and we feel that technology and automation will play important roles in this dialogue, especially if used properly and intelligently from the beginning.

Check in starting on Monday to follow our series on the environment, automation, and the history and culture of manufacturing!