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John Lewis

July 2014

What are the Psychological Effects of Travels to Mars?

In our most recent article at HubPages, we discuss the ofttimes unseen human costs in space travel. Astronauts report many positive feelings from their space travels including pride in their work and a new-found perspective on the scale of the universe. However, they also report many negative feelings that result from the long periods spent away from family and the tensions they experience with their coworkers.

Most of what we know about the psychology of space travel comes from the experiences of astronauts who have undertaken relatively short journeys into space, to the Moon or the International Space Station. However, in the coming years, many expect that short travels into space will be accessible to tourists, and astronauts will be undertaking the first trips to Mars. For these astronauts, the challenges they will face will be very new and likely extreme.

Read the full article at HubPages: “The Human Element in Space Travel.”