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Humanoid robot

April 2014

Our “Uncanny Valley” Article

In our newest article, Automation GT reports on the idea of the uncanny valley and what recent innovations in the world or robotics say about our odd relationship with humanoid robots. We were very excited to get our article published at The Robot Report and Everything Robotic.

The uncanny valley, the idea that people perceive exceedingly human robots as creepy, may be a very familiar concept for those well-versed in robotics and the development of robots for use in the home and workplace. Whether or not you’ve heard of this idea before, chances are you’ve still likely experienced this feeling when seeing odd robotics or middle-quality CGI (the Beowulf movie with Angelina Jolie was heavily criticized for falling into the uncanny valley).

But even though many of us share this send of slight revulsion, we keep developing robots that are increasingly human-esque in their appearances and behavior. Click the links below to read our thoughts on what recent developments suggest about our inconsistent behavior on developing robots.