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April 2014

Why is Good Customer Service So Important in Automation?

Rachel Greenberg writes technical and marketing content for Automation GT in Carlsbad, CA.

No matter what business you are in, if you have customers, then you have to have good customer service. Still, service is an often overlooked aspect of the automation experience. Many automation companies don’t think to invest in their service departments, or even alert their customers that customer service is available to them (that is, if they do have a service department).

At Automation GT, we take great pride in the range of services that we make available to our customers, whether they are a current customer or a customer we worked with years ago. And though we make every machine with care and exceptional attention to detail, there will always be things that can go wrong. Here is a brief list of the types of problems you might face and how Automation GT can help you prepare for these problems before they come up, and deal with them efficiently should they happen.

 1.) A machine part breaks or wears down due to age, natural use, or improper care.

hether you purchased your machine from us yesterday or ten years ago, we will be able to help you replace your broken parts. If you purchased your machine within the last year, then your warranty will cover this kind of damage (as long as the damage did not come from improper usage). In addition we can also replace or repair broken parts on machines that were not built by us, even if the broken part is no longer in production.

2.) A new employee is confused about proper machine operation

Automation GT offers operator training at the sign-off of your machine. We can train individuals or groups on proper operation and maintenance. We also package your machine with printed manuals, DVD copies, and full documentation to simplify the process of teaching future operators and figuring out the answers to your questions as they come up. We are also available to take your calls and in most cases, to visit your location, to help you with any problems that you are unable to resolve on your own, and to offer additional training.

3.) You are no longer happy with your machine’s operation because of system aging

Even the best machines will at some point get too old to function without significant repair. At Automation GT, we can help our customers prepare for the natural aging of their machine with preventative care which will ultimately reduce overall expenses. And as your system expands or changes, we can perform retrofitting to help you build on your old systems or machinery so that your transition into new equipment is seamless. We will also work with you from the early stages of development to anticipate the ultimate life of your machine so that we can plan with you from the beginning which will make the process of future upgrades more efficient and less costly.

4.) You are facing new standards in your industry and your old equipment is no longer suitable

We are knowledgeable on safety and quality standards in many industries, including the medical device, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. As your needs change, we will be fully capable of helping you make the adjustment to new machines or systems.

5.) Your company has grown beyond the capacity of your current machinery

When we begin development of your machine with you, we will be sure to factor in your long-term projections for your growth and productivity. This allows us to plan your machine in such a way that it will be easier to alter in the future, or factor into an expanded system. This will decrease the likelihood that you will need to replace large portions of your system in the future.