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Automating Journalism

March 2014

Automation GT at Hubpages: Automating the Process of Journalism

Automation GT has a new blog out today on HubPages.

Following last week’s earthquake in Los Angeles, many journalists took notice of how the Los Angeles Time‘s use of an algorithm allowed them to report on the earthquake before any other news outlet. Though many processes of journalism have been automated for years, some journalists found the news of this automated reporting to be disturbing.

Journalism is no different from any other industry: as long as there are elements of the job that are time consuming and costly that can be automated, those elements likely will be automated. However, because a large part of the journalistic profession is creative, many people tend to assume that no part of the job can be automated.

Automation GT argues that, as in any other industry, this is a good thing for workers. In this case, automating the reporting on these stories allows journalists more room to do analytical and investigative reporting that is of great value to society.