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March 2014

Automation GT at A Robust Automation Industry and Job Growth in San Diego

Automation GT’s Rachel Greenberg recently posted an article to about how a robust automation industry in San Diego will help to foster job growth in the region.

This past week, San Diego received some troubling news: major organizations Cox Communications and Sony both announced that they were cutting jobs or moving them out of the San Diego region. Later in the week, the Census Bureau released data about which cities are best for job seekers, and San Diego came in at a mediocre 36th place. This data reflects the ease with which people mostly in their 30s to 50s who lost jobs during recession have been able to find work again in the city, and how many jobs are available that pay a living wage based on the city’s rent, utility, and food costs.

San Diego has positioned itself to be a global leader in science and technology, and the small but robust automation industry that has established itself in the area is a great industry for job seekers to consider.

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