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July 2013

Our Controls Engineer at RSTechEd

Witney Johnson applauded at Rockwell Automation event for connecting Leading Golf Manufacturer’s global business data onto one platform

Each year industry leaders in automation and controls are invited to present at Rockwell Automation’s RSTechEd event, this year held at the San Diego Grand Hyatt. The focus of RSTechEd this year was on networking and migrating systems to integrated platforms. Among the selected speakers was Witney Johnson from Automation GT. Johnson held two key sessions on how he networked a leading golf manufacturer’s automated systems installed in China to the leading system integrating platform, Vantage Point.

The golf manufacturer required a system that would network all of their global automation systems together. Johnson selected Rockwell Automation’s leading enterprise manufacturing intelligence system, Factory Talk Vantage Point EMI. Vantage Point collects, aggregates and correlates disparate data from manufacturing and production processes and business systems. Johnson led the software implementation for the manufacturer’s plant operations in China. To migrate data and controls, Johnson directed the logic of all systems’ components to the master platform. With communication between machine components, all data can be rolled up into a summary view for different audiences. An executive sitting at his or her desk in Carlsbad may want to pull reports and build dashboards of the production rates of all systems installed in China. Whereas a production manager stationed in Shanghai may just want to drill down on service notifications or alerts on specific machines he or she oversees.

This type of reporting environment provides essential KPI monitoring, access control, and data security that is indispensable for global manufacturers.  To learn more about Automation GT’s ability to integrate systems for maximized operational efficiency and productivity, visit or call 855-2-GET-AGT toll free.