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April 2013

Innovation institutes agenda key to US manufacturing, according to ITIF report

A report by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), titled ‘Fifty Ways to Leave Your Competitiveness Woes Behind’, recommends creating an innovative nationwide network of manufacturing institutes to teach the principles of advanced technologies and concludes that:

 “A core goal of a U.S. traded sector competitiveness strategy should be to support the development of new technologies that radically improve production processes or that can be transformed into innovative new products.”

If established the benefits of the institutes would reap rewards for the future and allow the US to compete with successful manufacturing nations, such as Germany. Germany has built a ‘robust manufacturing infrastructure’ according to Robert Atkinson of Industry Week. Robert wrote a wise article that outlines the 3 major camps in manufacturing policy. At Automation GT we are in camp 3. Camp 3 holds the standpoint that the best approach is to get the manufacturing environment right for innovation and productivity.

Robert described the proposal as “a new system of “manufacturing universities” that promote training and applied research, stronger tax incentives for companies to invest in R&D, workforce training and new machinery and equipment, as well as a nationwide skill standards program for manufacturing skills.”

On page 14 the ITIF report states that the institutes could be based on pivotal manufacturing technologies or inputs such as robotics/automation technology along with advanced material composites and machine tooling.

Read the report from The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Read more about the 3 major camps in manufacturing policy in Robert Atkinson’s Industry Week article.