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November 2012

Assembly System Built for Optometry Lens Manufacturer

Automation GT has built an assembly system for a manufacturer of high-end custom lenses. The client arrived at the California based custom automation specialist looking to automate the assembly of their lenses. Automation GT showed the manufacturer how the custom lenses could be produced in an efficient way through the use of advanced automated handling equipment.

The lenses are made of three layers of parts: the Base, the Lens Polymer, and the Cap. The manufacturer required an automated system that would begin by placing a layer of adhesive on the outside of the Base. Once the adhesive was in place, the Cap was to be placed on top, creating an open chamber between the Base and the Cap. After the adhesive was cured with a UV-light, a Lens-Polymer was injected into the open chamber.

Automation GT designed an assembly machine consisting of an indexing dial with 8 stations, accompanied by a 9th station off the indexing dial. Indexing dials, while complex to build, are very efficient for systems with multiple sub-assemblies. The first few stations would load the Base, dispense adhesive onto the Base, and put the Cap on. The lens then rotates around the indexing dial to the next station, the UV cure Oven. After curing, the lens was unloaded off the indexing dial and onto the Lens-polymer insertion station.

Before approaching Automation GT for a solution, the manufacturer produced only one lens per minute. The new machine now produces one lens every 10 seconds in a production environment. Automation GT built the parts of the machine that are in contact with the product out of Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and medical grade plastics to ensure that the system met the production requirements.

With an ability to design precision systems, Automation GT has generated a practical design concept that emphasizes simplicity, reliability, throughput, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. Automation GT is able to take increasingly complex problems and deliver precision engineering solutions to match. For more information visit