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Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing offers manufacturers the freedom to design a built-to-order automated system that exactly fits their needs.

No two manufacturers have the same mechanical needs, especially when demands and requirements vary so greatly across a range of industries, and even between two companies in the same industry. For this reason, it becomes necessary for manufacturers to be able to specify their requirements down to the smallest detail at every stage of their manufacturing process.

With skilled and trained engineers working in-house, Automation GT accepts commissions to manufacture third party machines. Our contract manufacturing facility is able to provide a comprehensive manufacture and assembly service for small- to mid-volume machines. We can deliver from build-to-print through to full-scale contract execution.

Automation GT has considerable knowledge, not just in the assembly processes required for precision machines, but also within key industries such as the life sciences. This enables us to provide valuable insight when faced with many issues during the design, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

We have worked in the past with many companies in the following industries:

With a firm grasp on the associated regulatory standards in each of these industries. Our contract manufacturing provides the peace-of-mind that our machines have been produced at a high standard of quality control and within the confines of your budget.