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Assembly Systems – Vision

Vision systems are an important aspect of high-quality assembly machinery, and can greatly improve on quality standards in a production process.

Automation GT can integrate any of our assembly machines with vision inspection systems. The use of advanced vision systems optimizes quality and helps drive down costs by increasing the likelihood of catching problems as they occur. Using advanced vision technology is the easiest way to ensure  repeatability, accuracy, and minimal setup time.

It’s easy to incorporate a vision inspection system directly into your mechatronic solution. Most vision systems require the simple installation of a camera or system of cameras which may be accompanied by a robotic component, which will be able to react as soon as the vision system detects a problem in order to correct it. Vision systems are useful in the identification of component presence, in mark identification, mark validation, mark quality, and in surface inspection.

At Automation GT, we have extensive experience in selecting the most appropriate vision system for the task at hand and integrating the system appropriately into your machine. Assembly machines that utilize vision systems can be designed to incorporate multi-axis controls that can be configured using advanced servo-control systems. If required, these can be networked to high-level PLC control using SCADA industrial control systems. In the past, we have built machines with vision components for the assembly of molded parts, credit cards, and fasteners.

Vision systems can provide:

  • Consistent repeatability
  • The highest levels of accuracy
  • Reduced setup time
  • Higher levels of quality control
  • Reduced costs