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Edgar Olivera

July 2014

Automated 4th of July!

Tomorrow is Independence Day, and we will be out of the office until Monday. In the meantime, check out some of these great ideas for an automated 4th of July celebration!

First, read up on blogger Joanna Slusarz‘s ideas for automating the party. (Note: her recommendations are specifically for the type of software she sells). She suggests:

  • Creating an automated invitation that includes forms for important information like number of guests attending, food allergies and limitations, expected arrival time, and special requests. This invitation could also include potluck lists to prevent too many duplicate items, and to help ease the burden of providing the food on the host. (Note: Facebook event pages are great ways to coordinate events like these with any friends or relatives who are on Facebook).
  • Automate to coordinate a carpool. Again, this could be done through Facebook or an automatic form like Survey Monkey or even as a spreadsheet on Google Docs.
  • An automatic invite form is also a great way to figure out entertainment. Determine if someone will be bringing fireworks, or more ambitiously, if anyone can play an instrument, prepare a playlist, or invite a band.

And as a bonus, if you have some extra spending cash, you could shell out for a temperature and controls automated BBQ.

Or better yet, if you are mechanically inclined, build your own! Add in a robotic element if you’re feeling especially creative!