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May 2014

Our First Ever Article Series Debuts Next Week

We have some exciting new events coming up in the next few weeks at Automation GT including several media events that we are very excited about.

First and foremost, next week we will be debuting the first article in our first ever article series. In this series, we attempted to take a close and very honest look at the societal and personal benefits and drawbacks in automation as this can often be a point of controversy among both industry insiders  and customers alike. The first article in the series offers a brief overview of the argument and thoughts on the argument.

At Automation GT, we want to stay relevant and informed on the conversations in our field. We feel that this will make us better providers for our customers, and a more competitive company overall. We also want to help you stay informed and aware on the topics that might be of interest to you and will make your shopping and installment processes easier. If you have any ideas for a future article or article series you would like to see, please contact us at

Check back on Monday to read the first installment of our six part series!