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April 2013

US energy supply drives the Reshoring movement

An article in Industry Week states that “the availability of both cheap and abundant energy in the U.S. is a major factor driving companies to come back home.”

We’ve found that the optimistic outlook of US natural resources energy has been a key factor in encouraging our clients to put serious thought into the business case of bringing work back to America.

In addition, a recent interview with Harry Moser of the ‘Reshoring Initiative’ echoes the belief that the reshoring movement is fuelled by cheap energy – amongst other factors – stating that the availability of supplies “has big impact on some industries that have significant energy consumption or where natural gas is a key feedstock: steel, foundries, some chemical production, fertilizers, etc.”

“The industries that are impacted would import less and export more.” states Moser. In addition, operating closer to the demand allows companies to reduce lead times.

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