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April 2013

We’ve moved! The first impressions of our new Carlsbad HQ.

We’re settling into our new Carlsbad HQ. We had outgrown our previous office in Escondido and have upgraded to a 13,000 square foot campus to cater for our increase in business. We are pleased to have finally arrived at the center of San Diego’s Life Science innovation and resources.

We now have all the space we need for our growing workforce, who all had positive things to say about their new environment:

The team love working under the natural light that the glass fronted open-plan office provides. They have also commented that the large modern desks help them to organise their work, speeding up processes.

The engineers have commented that the new production floor will give them the space needed to build larger automated systems, allowing them to make full use of their expertise.

Monique Klein, our Chief Operating Officer, joked that she is considering investing in roller blades to get from one side of the office to the other!

Now that we have the space to do so we’re looking to add to our skilled workforce and increase our business in the San Diego area and beyond.

For full contact details of the new headquarters visit the contact page.