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December 2012

A message from Roger Schneider, Director of Engineering and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

At Automation GT we provide cost-effective solutions for our clients by applying the principles of Lean Six Sigma to Automation. When involved in a project at an early stage, we can define the exact requirements or improvements of an automated-system to reduce waste or improve product quality.

Lean Six Sigma is adopted in a wide range of industries that require reductions in waste and improvements in quality. We apply these fundamentals to automation, providing added-value for clients. In summary, the methodology is a set of proven tools that are put together to define requirements or to analyze processes to reduce waste and to increase quality. Using this approach, we are able to better understand and define the entire project from the beginning.

Why spend time and money fixing a problem after a machine has been installed when you can outline the key requirements in the first instance? 

 At Automation GT we invite clients wishing to integrate automated manufacturing systems or programs to consult with us to see how Lean Six Sigma can be useful to them. We will help apply these proven tools of Lean Six Sigma to your entire process to show where automation can add the most value. By defining and outlining system requirements from the start, we are able to provide class-leading automated solutions; backed by thorough documentation, which makes any necessary filing with a regulatory body like the FDA much easier and simpler.

I am hosting a 25-minute session on how the Lean Six Sigma methodology applies to Automation at MD&M West, Automation Technology Expo in Anaheim on February 13, 2013. If you are attending the exposition, please stop by to hear me present at 11:00 AM in Hall C room 3541. I look forward to discussing the methodology further with you. If you wish to integrate Lean Six Sigma methodologies into the development of your automated system please get in touch.

Roger Schneider, Director of Engineering