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October 2012

A new lease of life by Automation GT

When age and wear takes its toll on machines, retrofits are a service that can provide a much-needed upgrade and increase the life of the installed systems. Automation GT is an end-to-end service provider that has extensive experience in providing retrofit upgrades within a wide variety of industries. Machines can require retrofits for a variety of reasons such as equipment replacement, re-tooling, control system upgrades, performance improvement or to increase safety.

Despite enjoying an order book at record level, Automation GT welcomed a refurbishing project from a manufacturer. The company required a refurbishment for its system that assembles connectors and fittings because the throughput had risen from a 2.3 seconds cycle time to a 2.8 seconds cycle time. Automation GT was contacted to carry out this service, which would speed up its cycle time whilst adding 8-10 years onto the life of the assembly machine.

The refurbishment is being carried out on three large bowl-feeders that work together as one complete system, feeding the connecting parts to the main machine to be assembled. At its HQ in Escondido Automation GT is rebuilding the feeders, replacing old air cylinders, and replacing any moving parts that have come under any considerable wear during their 12-year usage.

Retrofits are an economical method of ensuring that existing systems are restored and modernized. Automation GT is experienced in completing this service during a manufacturer’s low-demand season and returning the upgraded systems ready for the new season.

Automation GT is an end-to-end service provider that manages retrofits on a variety of applications, such as Part Inspection Systems, Printer Systems and Connector Assembly Machines. For more information on retrofit integration the new-look Automation GT website has full details of its services